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“ReHumaning takes the most up to date knowledge the modern technological world has to offer and applies it in a context that is no longer at variance with our biological foundations.”

Drawing on and re-integrating the historically successful, time-tested wisdom and practices of humans from around the world into our modern day lives, we can re-discover a level of natural health and vitality that is truly powerful.

We will help you build a strong physical core through effective exercise, and a strong physiological core and robust immune system through optimum human nutrition and healthy practices. These cores lay the foundation for a fuller expression of your own personal human journey, and a happy, healthy and successful life for the long-term.

Alexander & Paige Dent

Alexander & Paige Dent ReHumaners

Why We're Here

A New Kind of Evolution

Re-Humaning is not about turning the clock back; it’s not about trying to live like a caveman. Re-Humaning is about realizing where we are going wrong now, culturally and in our everyday lives, and redressing those imbalances. It is about learning and remembering.

Examine the Basics
ICON Lungs
ICON Stomach
ICON Brain
What You'll Learn

The ReHumaning Manifesto

ReHumaning is ultimately about moving toward expressing the full potential of this amazing capacity we call "I"... ourselves; our bodies, minds and spirit. For too long, people have been looking for magic bullets and quick fixes. From boom to bust, pillar to post, veering back and forth; this supplement, that therapy; the New Year’s resolution forgotten by February.

ReHumaning is so powerful, because it operates from a single, coherent first principle. And when you get this, everything else that flows from this primary position is also coherent; it makes sense.

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